Experience True Wilderness with Wild At Tuli Safaris in Botswana

Wild At Tuli Safaris is not a package operation; it is an independent, highly specialised, owner-run safari business.  Experience, exclusivity and flexibility are hallmarks of our safaris.  We can show you the uniqueness of the Tuli Block or take you further into Botswana to experience the beauty of areas such as Nxai Pan, Moremi Game Reserve,  Chobe National Park and the Central Kalahari.   If you are up for adventure and would like to be participative on a safari, email us.

Wild At Tuli Safaris is based in Botswana's Central Tuli Block.  This area includes the famous Tuli Elephants, 2000 year-old Baobabs, the oldest exposed rocks on the planet, the Mighty Limpopo River and the most stunning landscape you could ever hope to see. 

Home to almost 400 species of birds including the Pel's Fishing Owl, Black Eagle, Martial Eagle, Kori Bustard and Ground Hornbill, the largest wild elephant population under private ownership in Southern Africa, wildebeest, impala, zebra, kudu, eland, waterbuck, brown and spotted hyena, honey badgers, klip springers, aardwolf,  aardvark and warthog, as well as lion, leopard and cheetah makes this a unique destination.Whatever your interests are we will take them into account and introduce you to the unique beauty of Africa at her unspoilt best.

Come and soak up what a TRUE wilderness is all about – you cannot leave Botswana untouched by everything that it is.

Come choose the footpath into a vast expanse of Africa

"It’s alright – just follow me, I know my way around."

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