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Vik and M - England, July 2010

Had a fantastic time!  Helena and Judi are such fun and informative.  We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank You, All the Best XX

Laura Deeprose - England, July 2010

Spent 4 lovely days here with great people, great food and a great atmosphere.  I learnt so much and saw some amazing sights.  Thank You Helena and Judi.

Colleen Dooley - USA, July 2010

Wow.....what an incredible experience. The two of you are such fun, exciting, kind and interesting women.  You've really opened my eyes with your lessons and you love for the earth and animals.  It is not only refreshing but truly incredible.  The food was absolutely amazing and I will never forget my adventure here.  You both are lovely.  Thanks for Everything - merci mill fois.

Annelie Bekaert - Belgium, July 2010

Two amazing ladies!! I had a lot of fun, heard some really interesting things.  I'm very happy to have met you and hopefully some day I will be able to improve on the environment!  You are truly inspiring!  And my tummy was really happy!!

Amm-Gaelle Bekaert - Belgium, July 2010

I had a great time here, saw some amazing things, heard wonderful stories, had good discussions, great food, learnt a lot, it was just wonderful!  Thank You.

Phillip Cowdery - England, July 2010

Amazing animals, great food, interesting people and learnt a lot, what else can you ask for?  Thank you.

Sofia Venturini - Italy, July 2010

I really had a great time here and the food was amazing!!  It helped me to be clear about my future and what I want.  Grazie Mille  (Thank you very much).

Sabrina Hearn - England, July 2010

Beautiful place, amazing animals, fantastic food and learnt so much.  Thanks for a brilliant few days - very inspiring.

Baptiste Garaialde and Alexis Meziere - France, July 2010

A great time spent here, learning aboutwildlife, conservation and rehabilitation + the food was amazing.  Thank you very much.

Jannine and Shaun Houghton - Winston Park, Durban, South Africa, June/July 2010

Thank you for sharing your paradise with us.

Megan Houghton, 11 yrs old - Winston Park, Durban, South Africa, June/July 2010

I think that this has been the best week of my life.  The food is divine and the animals plentiful. Everybody is so friendly and wants to help in every way.  I am very, very sad to leave.

Caren Martin - Westville, Durban, South Africa, June/July 2010

Thanks for everything - you could not have done more for us if you tried.  Sleeping under the stars was magic.  You have a beautiful 'garden' and superb 'pets'.  I know the road is different but enjoy the journey.   I will be here ASAP again - I found my soul again.  Thanks.

Jenna Martin, 10 yrs old - Westville, Durban, South Africa, June/July 2010

The area is a wonderful place, There are many animals and the area is also huge for the animals to run around.  the tent is a lovely tent.  Since I have been here i don't want to leave.  It's like you are at home, but you are in the bush.  The food they cook here is the best.  It's been a great experience.

John Hinck and Marion Spence - USA, July 2010

What an amazing place. Thanks to Helena and Judi.  Hurry with the camping.  The Pel'sFishing Owl was a real treat and the variety of mammals and birds.   Thank You.

Evan Wojtanek - Fairbanks, Alaska, June 2010

I had a fantastic time, thank you for making this unforgettable.

Tom and Lori Kelly - Ballito and St. Lucia, South Africa, May 2010

One word - STUNNING!  Great to be here for your 60th Helena - so special to be with you here.  Hope the klipspringer makes it off the island!   We'll be back.  Lori and Tom.

Nick and Jo-Anne Tetradis - Ballito, South Africa, May 2010

This is our most special piece of paradise, it's food for the soul and spirit, its our place for connecting with the Creator. Thank you so, so much Helena, Judi and Mike for this privilege.  We love you and can't wait to come back.

Ron and Alison Wyatt - Coates, UK, April 2010

What a most beautiful and peaceful place. Stunning birds adorn the trees like christmas decorations!   Thanks.

Clive and Sylvia George - Durban, South Africa, September 2009

What Ros has written says it all for us too.  We look forward to joining you again.  Many Thanks, Sylv and Clive.

Ros and Andy Armour - Durban, South Africa, September 2009

What a great time we had with you , Helena and Judi.  Helena your knowledge of wildlife is amazing - you help us to see it through all new eyes.  Judi your catering was superb - the meals you produced from that 'rustic' kitchen were incredible.  With such a beautiful setting for the camp, your enthusiasm, hard work and dedication, you have all the ingredients for a successful venture.  I am sure you will "pull it off".  It was such a privilege to share in your dream.


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